Management for Bankruptcy Procedures

As part of bankruptcy proceedings, EASA has gained significant experience thanks to the exclusive assignment of credit management and recovery by bankruptcy receivers andcourt commissioners, liquidated in various industrial sectors and for very different credit sizes and types. With a total loan portfolio of approximately 120 million euros, EASA, following  management activity, has reliably certified an amount equivalent to 57 million euro. 55% of these have already been recovered in the case of the Procedures, promoting legal actions to recover the remaining portion. The average collection time in extrajudicial phase is about 18 months: this has allowed the Procedures, in several cases, to speed up the timing of the first partial allotment.

 To operate in the most efficient and extensive way possible EASA makes use of external collaborators distributed throughout the national territory. The flexibility of a widespread  human resources structure  allows for tailor-made processing of consultancy offers in the various areas of credit management, allowing you to benefit from  the most competitive prices on the market.

Our goals  towards  our customers include :

  • Maximization of credit collections
  • Minimization of the collection duration
  • Assumption of complete credit management, both in the extrajudicial phase and in the judicial phase
  • No fixed commission on the loan entrusted


 Our specialties consist of:

  • Engineering reconstruction of turnover for complex orders (SAL, guarantee deductions, price and monetary revaluations)

  • CED environmental verification and IT assistance on data backup
  • Regulatory and procedural competence in bankruptcy, contractual and credit matters
  • Knowledge of the functioning of public and private offices
  • Direct assistance for each credit application, regardless of value
  • Computerized management of the entrusted loan
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the status of the management activity